Memorial  Day Weekend 2005 Sponsored by:
Bangham, Lagg & Wynn and Season Ticket

Season Ticket, Spokane, Washington
May 26-30, 2005
Results Provided to Bowers' Corner & TSA Website by:
Melody Marine, Dan Hitt & John Rostollan (Photos by: Bill Walker & John Rostollan)



May 26-30, 2005 (Spokane, Washington) - Overview Summary of Tournament & Pacific NW HOF Ceremony:

     On May 26-30th, Memorial Day weekend, Bangham, Lagg & Wynn and Season Ticket hosted their annual 5 day multiple event tournament for the 24th consecutive year in beautiful Spokane Washington. This years' event was one of the best with an array of celebrations and divisions A & B Singles and Doubles with a warm-up A/B Draw event on Friday night.

Thursday, May 26th, the holiday event kicked off with two sessions of the 6th Annual "Double D" (Developmentally Disabled Adult) tournament with 40+ participants. This event has become quite an experience for all our participants that are able to come early. This event is so special for all involved that the volunteer staff grows each year and could easily surpass our participant numbers in the future. All who come early for this event are blessed to be part of it. We extend our thanks to everyone who helped out and attended. (See Page 3 of the full tournament report (Adobe PDF File) & "Double D" Photos - Click Here)

Friday, May 27th, was the A/B Handicapped Draw [$20/entry; single game/single elimination (mark the spot, no sponsor sale)]. The sponsor sale for A & B Singles started at 6 pm with play for the A/B Draw immediately following the Singles sponsor sale, giving everyone a chance to play and practice. Nick Chaffin of Roseville, California and Paulette McKinney of Shelton, Washington edged out Nels Anderson of Shelton and Bill Walker of Port Orchard.

     Saturday, May 28th, the two divisions of Singles started at 11 am (handicapped entry fee by rating in both divisions).

     The A Singles was a fierce competition again with our own Dan Hitt winning the winner's bracket only to be double-dipped by Nick Chaffin for the big money and unique trophy.

     The B Singles went the same for Frank Mako as he walked away with the winner's bracket only to have to settle for 2nd place after Bob Crum of California double-dipped him for the 1st Place title too! (Darn California boys!)

     Sunday, May 29th, brought the doubles events for both divisions A & B. Sponsor sales started at noon with play immediately following.

     For the A Doubles, Nick Chaffin showed he is the master of this game when he and his partner Bob Crum double-dipped Clark & Claire Kenny of Gig Harbor, Washington for the title. Clark & Claire recently came out of retirement from 1986 and still waltzed through the competition for the winner's bracket, but showed up a little tired and rusty on Monday morning. They were first time participants in Spokane this year and we truly enjoyed having them and getting to know them... Great People, Great Players! We hope to see them at more events in the future! 
(Note:  More photos for  "A Doubles" coming from John Rostollan soon...)

     The B Doubles was our only event that did not have a "double-dip". Mario Brione and Joe Paszakowski of Mt. Vernon, Washington played some awesome matches against some stiff competition to take the winner's bracket and hold the title against "Mother Goose" Dee Hudson of Port Orchard, Washington and Canada's Joanie Millar (who were happy to take 2nd against these two great young players).

Pacific NW HOF Induction of Bob Miller: On Saturday, the Season Ticket opened at 9 am for breakfast and practice. At 4pm we took a break in the action to serve the "famous feast" featuring Dervin's deep-fried turkey!! After everyone dished up, family, friends, and tournament participants celebrated Bob Miller of Spokane, Washington being inducted into the Pacific NW Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. Bob Miller has been playing shuffleboard, mentoring players from the Spokane area and leagues, and supporting the game and promoting new players for 55 years. He was honored to be inducted and looked so proud, as did his friends and family who showed up in scores to celebrate this deserving honor with Bob. Joanie Millar gave Bob and our sponsor Chuck Randazzo a "rise" when she did her folorum song for them and then finished off the induction with her prized "Moments to Remember" number for the crowd. A very special thanks to Joanie for helping to make this induction ceremony so special for all in attendance. (See Page 4 of the full tournament report (Adobe PDF File) & "Bob Miller Pacific NW HOF Induction Ceremony"  Photos - Click Here).

Thanks to All: This year Dan, John & I were blessed with more help than we have ever had in preparation for this annual event. As always, our own Lisa Langston was indispensable with her help and support. Chris Wayt and Joyce Davis (aka Judy) was also in town a week early and did everything from working on cradles to hemming my new kitchen curtains! Thank you so much! Rick Shaw (formerly of Spokane, now Seattle) has been our friend and supporter for many years and it couldn't happen without him either. The owners and staff at the Season ticket are the bomb, their physical and financial support are only matched by a few bar owners in the country. Thanks to Bill Walker for his help with photos. Special thanks to all our in-state and out-of-state participants and helpers all over the Pacific NW and Canada. We thank you... we love you... and we are really looking forward to next year's 25th annual event in Spokane. See ya' next year!

NOTE: The winner's trophies were our original design as an American weight with a BLW logo as a centerpiece and were made by Larry Enloe of Diamond DC Collectibles (you can check out their merchandise on or email them for a brochure at: )

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