Memorial  Day Weekend 2005 Sponsored by:
Full House Bar & Grill, Wynnewood, Oklahoma

May 26-30, 2005 
Results & Photos Submitted to Bowers' Corner & TSA Websites by:
Gerald Wood (Tournament Dir. & Full House owner) & Jean Renfro May26-30_2005_Results.htm



May 26-30, 2005 (Wynnewood, Oklahoma) - Overview Summary of Tournament:
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May 26-30th, 2005 (Wynnewood, OK): The 7th Annual Washita Handicap Memorial Day weekend tournament was held at the Full House, 111 W. Robert S. Kerr Street, Wynnewood, Oklahoma.  Many thanks to all that participated this year.  This year was the largest one yet.  Everything went great and we all had lots of fun.  All events were single game/double elimination (neg. 4 max. handicap spot).  Winners of this years' events follow:

A-B DRAW EVENT WINNERS: (Event 1- May 26th) - 46 Participants
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AB Draw (Event 1 - 46 Participants):
1st:  Gerald Wood (OK) & Carol Audett (TX) 
2nd: Rena Fleming & Matt Kodesh (OK Team)
3rd:  Pat Gainey (TX) & Joyce Gamble (OK)
4th:  Brenda Williams (OK) & Sandy Tubbs (MO)

OPEN DRAW WINNERS: (Event 2 - May 27th) - 68 Participants
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Open Draw (Event 2 - 35 Teams/70 Participants):
1st:  Jim Payne (NE) & Hoot Hodges (AR) 
2nd: Carol Audett (TX) & E.T. Jenson (OK)
3rd:  Rena Fleming (OK) & Harvey Walden (TN)
4th:  Kay Nelson (TX) & Lynn Tice (OK)

BRING PARTNER WINNERS: (Event 3 - May 28th) - 35 Teams (70 Participants)
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Bring Partner (Event 2 - 35 Teams/70 Participants):
1st:  Bobby Williams & Robert L. Hoffman (TX Team) 
2nd: Ron Sosovec (CO) & Jim French (OK)
3rd:  Harvey Walden (TN) & Mark Gray (MO)
4th:  Kenny Brewer & John Williamson (OK Team)
5th/6th:  Carolyn Jones & Jerry Widdoes (OK Team)
5th/6th:  Brenda Williams & Shirley Geriets (OK Team)

SINGLES (Events 4 & 5) WINNERS: (Event 4 & 5 - May 29th) 
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Singles Div. I (-1's, 0's, 1's): (Event 4)
1st:   Bill Melton (Davis, OK)
2nd:  Patrick Linville (OK)
Singles Div. II (2's, 3's, 4's): (Event 5)
1st:  Mike Coon (OK)
2nd: Jeannie Wills (OK)
3rd:  Steve Taylor (MO)



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