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TSA MUSEUM & OTHER DONATIONS: (from February 2001 - 2005)

  • Champion Shuffleboard, Richland Hills, TX donated up to 3,000 sq. ft. for TSA Museum space - until if/when the TSA has finances to purchase or lease it's own building for museum purposes.  As of Feb. 2005, the display cabinets have been delivered to  Champion Shuffleboard facility (TSA HOF inductee plaques are the next planned project - to put into the display cabinets) NO LONGER APPLICABLE - THIS PROJECT TERMINATED

  • AZ TURNBO of California (Click Here to See Details):  Donated a vintage set of old American Shuffleboard weights to be placed in the TSA Museum with acknowledgement of his personal donation to be displayed along side these weights in the museum display cabinet.

  • DAVE ARNDT of Washington (Click Here to See Details)

  • Bob Brunskill of California donated a box of old The Board Talk magazines for TSA to display or use in raffle fund-raisers

  • Jolene Lembke of California donated 4 Rock-o-la weights for TSA history

  • AZ Turnbo of California donated orginal Billy Mays magazine article

  • Bobby Goldsmith of California donated several times jewelry items for fund-raiser raffles

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2001-2007 Table Shuffleboard Association, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

2001-2007 Table Shuffleboard Association, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.