GLEN DAVIDSON was inducted to the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame (NSHF) during the infamous 4th of July 1996 Southwest Open tournament. The above picture and below history on Glen is reprinted from The Board Talk, Volume 13, No. 8, August 1996.

GLEN INDUCTED -- In a moving, professionally produced presentation, Glen Davidson was inducted into the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame, a highlight of the Southwest Open.

Glen's Induction: "A Thrill of a Lifetime......"

"The Oklahoma Hall of Fame Committee, under the leadership of Cliff Goff, set a very high standard for future inductions into the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame with their professionally-produced presentation that featured a combination of live entertainment and video productions highlighting the achievements of Glen Davidson. The committee taped the resources of their own community--the talented singer Kelly Bartwo, a Music Express representative who hosts Karaoke shows at the Holiday Inn East in Midwest City, and Alan Martin of Toastmasters International Mid-Del Club #2257 (and a novice shuffler), who served as Master of Ceremonies and video producer. These two professionals took Cliff Goff's nomination of Glen Davidson and wove it into a presentation that brought lumps to the throats of even the toughest shuffleboard player participating in the Southwest Open.

Cliff saluted Glen for being "on of the top ambassadors of our sport in the world." In addition to a long list of wins that dated back to 1971 that were printed in a very classy program, Cliff cited Glen for his role as a teacher and promoter. "Glen has been promoting the game of shuffleboard by starting leagues, directing tournaments, playing professionally, or anything else to do with shuffleboard most of his life," said Cliff. Over 60 signatures were secured by the state committee to nominate Glen into the Hall of Fame. NSHF Director, Larry Creakbaum (alias "The Red Baron") of Indiana was there to help make it happen.

In his acceptance speech, Glen reflected not on his own achievements, but on his hopes for the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. "My dream is to see that anyone who gave something back to the game is recognized," he said. "with your help, we'll not only get all these worthy people inducted, but we'll have a home for all the history and artifacts of this sport.

You can help make this dream come true. A video of Glen Davidson's induction into the Hall of Fame is available for $50. All of the money, except actual expenses, will be donated to the Hall of Fame. Send your requests to Glen Davidson, 3220 Cragg St., Oklahoma City, OK 73150.

As Glen danced off the stage with his partner, Madge Goff, he reflected: "This is a thrill of a lifetime for me. There were always a few who would say it couldn't be done or shouldn't be done. But there were always enough to encourage me to grow and keep going."" (The Board Talk, Vol. 13, No. 8, August 1996)


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