Bowers & TSA Website Tournament Results - March 2006

Cliff Visel's St. Patrick's Tournament (March 17-18, 2006)
The Post, Cedar Park, Texas
Reported by Cliff Visel (Preliminary Results, awaiting pictures & A-B Draw winner's list)


Note:  Awaiting complete report and A-B (Friday nite) winners list and winner photos to complete this report  (Bookmark & check back later for full report with photos). 

The tournament kicked off on Friday nite with an A-B Draw (warmup event, single game/double elimination; no sponsor sale) and then on to the primary event on Saturday which was a Bring Partner (Add to 4 or more - handicapped); single game/double elimination; with sponsor sale).  There were some players in the A-B Draw that were unable to match up or unable to play in the Saturday event.  There were at least 36 players who participated in one or both events.  Details of the primary event are listed below and more reporting to follow.

The tournament had a $5 one-time registration/donation fee which went 50% to the Bowers Ratings (Ron & Debbie Bowers) & 50% to the Bowers Webmaster/Shuffleboard e-news publisher (Lynda French, Bowers Corner webmaster).  All players were receptive to this idea.  Instead of having a 'piggy bank' all players donated $5 per person for this worthy cause.  It went very well and other tournaments may want to consider having a portion of their one-time fees (or in our case we had no board rentals, etc. so had no registration fee except for this $5 donation/registration fee that went 100% to the Bowers Ratings & Website/Shuffleboard News efforts of Ron & Debbie Bowers and Lynda French (50/50 split).

The Post owner (Ronnie McMellon) and his staff and bartenders did a great job (as usual) hosting the tournament in their great facility and serving food and drink to the players.  The Post is spacious inside and outside (with plenty of room for parking and parking motor homes, etc.).  If you have not had the pleasure of attending any tournaments at The Post, check the "Upcoming Events 2006 Calendar of Events" ( ) and try to catch a tournament this year.  The Post hosts weekly tournaments on Tuesday ($5 entry/7:30PM HC) and Friday ($10 entry/7:30PM HC) and Sunday afternoon  ($5 entry HC) and has a $20 Single Game/Double Elimination tournament every 3rd Saturday of each month.  The 2006 Texas State Championship tournament was also hosted at The Post in March 2006, hosted this 2nd Annual St. Patrick Day tournament; and plan to host the Texas Open 2006 (Labor Day Tournament - flyer coming soon). 

Thanks to all who attended the St. Patrick's Day tournament, especially those Houstonians and Johnson City attendees who had a ways to drive.  We hope to see all of you again many times in 2006!


Thanks for your support and Congratulations to all the winners!
Cliff Visel, Tournament Director

Winners of Bring Partner (Add to 4 or More; handicap) on March 18th were:
(32 players/16 teams - paid 4 places)

1st Place:  Danny  Green (2, Houston), Alex Bagdikian (2, Houston) = Added to 4
2nd Place:  Craig White (1, Austin), Doug Morgan (3, Cedar Park) = Added to 4
3rd Place:  Lynda French (2, Austin), Holly Kofod (3, Cedar Park) = Added to 5
4th Place:  Cliff Visel (2, Austin), Linda Anthony (3, Austin) = Added to 5

Total Teams Registered Competing in the Bring Partner were: (16 teams/32 players)

1)   Beck Foster (3, Leander) & Tony Fiumara (1, Georgetown) = Add to 4
2)   Donnie Metcalf (4) & David McIlvain (4) - Johnson City Team = Add to 8
4)   Gilbert Baird (2, Houston) & Tyler (4, Cedar Park) = Add to 6
5)   Danny Green (2) & Alex Bagdikian (2) - Houston Team = Add to 4
6)   Ron Bowers (1, Austin) & Guy Smarr (3, Leander) = Add to 4
7)   Connie Farr (3, Leander) & Connie Culver (3, Austin) = Add to 6
8)   Casey Hudson (2, Austin) & Jim Grove (2, Johnson City) = Add to 4
9)   Dezi Brooks (3) & Robert Hurst Jr (1) - Round Rock-Georgetown Team = Add to 4
10) Cliff Visel (2, Austin) & Linda Anthony (3, Cedar Park) = Add to 5
11)  Ronnie McMellon (2) & Dee Quiroz (3) - Cedar Park Team = Add to 5
12)  Joey Smith (3, Cedar Park) & Tom French (1, Austin) = Add to 4
13)  Doug Morgan (3, Cedar Park) & Craig White (1, Austin) = Add to 4
14)  Lynda French (2, Austin) & Holly Kofod (3, Cedar Park) = Add to 5
15)  Rudy Korsgaard (3, Cedar Park) & Fred Sitton (3, Leander) = Add to 6
16)  Larry Nance (1) & Holly Nance (3) - Pflugerville Team = Add to 4



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