7th Annual Texas State Championships

"81 Registered Players Competing for the Championships!"

Held at:  Danny's Sports Bar & Grill , Houston, Texas ---  March 3-6, 2005 
Submitted for posting on Bowers' Corner & TSA Websites By: Danny Norris, Houston, Texas



Received the below winners' summary and staff acknowledgements and photos from Danny Norris (owner of Danny's Sports  Bar & Grill) on March 9th for posting on the TSA/Bowers' "Tournament Results".  There were no photos for the A-B Draws, but most photos for the Bring Partner (2 divisions) and Singles (3 divisions) are posted here in the web albums (just click on web Photo Albums below to view winner's pictures) .

Houston, Texas (Danny's Sports Bar):  The 7th Annual Texas State Championship was held at Danny's Sports Bar & Grill in Houston Texas from Thursday, March 3rd thru Sunday, March 6th. There were a total of 81 registered players competing on 8 boards.  

First, I would like to "thank" the staff who helped make this event a huge success:

Mahlon Nobles - Boards, lights, and everything else as far as setup, and board adjustments. A terrific job on board adjusting, as they all played fantastic.

Linda Nobles, Mollie Cravey, and Denise Klein - Registration and generally making sure everything ran smoothly and on time. Terrific job.

Harvey Kidd - Sponsor Sales. Great as always.

Bill Rice and Brian Walker - Bracket Boards. The two best.

Wayne Hammond - Cleaning and spraying boards.

     As you can see it was a real team effort, thanks again to you all. FYI, Brian Walker just returned from a long stay in Florida where he was working. He got back to town on Saturday and almost immediately, showed up to help with the tournament and the bracket boards and was there almost every minute of the tournament after that.


Now for the winner results (as follows) - Congratulations to these winners & Texas State Champs!


Thursday A/B Draw - Div 1: (no photos)

1st Place:   Mike Taylor (Austin) & Bill Rice (Houston)

2nd Place:   Mahlon Nobles (Houston) & Doug Paben (Austin)

3rd Place:   Billy Melton (Houston) & Alfred Suarez (Austin)

Thursday A/B Draw - Div 2: (no photos)

1st Place:   Cliff Visel (Austin) & Jeanine Carmack

2nd Place:  Jimmy Britt & Dar Cummings (Houston team)

3rd Place:   Lee Boyajian (Lewisville) & Roy Boll (Houston)

 Friday Bring Partner - Div 1: (Click Here To View Bring Partner Division 1 & 2 Photo Album)

1st Place: Doug Paben  & Mike Taylor   (Austin team) 

2nd Place: Mike Regan (Houston) & David Williams Sr. (Dallas)  


Friday Bring Partner - Div 2: (Click Here To View Bring Partner Division 1 & 2 Photo Album)

1st Place: Charles Peltier (Dayton) & Kyle White (Austin)

2nd Place: Cliff Visel & Craig White (Austin Team)

3rd Place: Linda Nobles & Jessie Lueahn (Houston team) (no photo in album as-yet)

4th Place: James Cummings & Erik Snyder (Houston team)

Saturday Singles - Div 1: (Click Here To View Singles Division 1 , 2 & 3 Photo Album)

1st Place: David Williams Sr. ( Dallas)

2nd Place: Billy Melton (Houston)

3rd Place: Kelly Cameron ( Houston)

Saturday Singles - Div 2: (Click Here To View Singles Division 1 , 2 & 3 Photo Album)

1st Place: Linda Nobles ( Houston)

2nd Place: Charles Peltier ( Dayton)

3rd Place: James Cummings (Houston)

4th Place: Martin Jordan  (Houston) (no photo in album as-yet)

5th/6th Place (tie): Danny Green & Del Ammermann (both of Houston)


Saturday Singles - Div 3: (Click Here To View Singles Division 1 , 2 & 3 Photo Album)
1st Place:  Warren Settegast (Houston)
2nd Place:  Brian Altman ( Houston)
3rd Place:  Lee Boyajian (Lewisville) (no photo in album as-yet)
4th Place:  Gary Mahaffey (Houston) (no photo in album as-yet)


Reported by: Danny Norris (Danny's Sports Bar & Grill Owner)

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