Cliff Visel's 1st Annual St. Patrick's  Weekend "Amateur Tournament"

Held at:  Taz Country Sports Bar, Pflugerville, Texas ---  March 18-19, 2005 
Results Submitted By: Cliff Visel and Tom & Lynda French

Submitted for Bowers' Corner & TSA websites "Tournament Results"





Bowers 2005 Ratings were used to determine entry & handicap criteria. 

Play was on 4 in-house boards (American shuffleboards).  Events included:

March 18, 2005:  Friday's warm-up Draw Partner started at 8pm (single game; negative handicap; no sponsor sale; added $$ from Taz Country):  Tom French & Connie Culver took first place;  and Doug Paben &  ??? took second.


March 19, 2005:  Saturday's Bring Partner event (single game/double elimination; $50/team entry with sponsor sale) had 24 players (12 teams; add to "4" or more w/ neg. no max. handicap) started immediately after the 2pm sponsor sale.  The total purse had over $1,800 which was not bad at all for only 12 teams.  This was a short notice, first annual event.  Cliff has already started his planning to continue this event next year with more advance advertising to boost awareness and participation for 2006 and thereafter.  

Teams were: 

Danny Green & Jimmy Britt (add to 4, Houston team)

Holly Kofod (Cedar Park) & Lyndon "Coach" Baize (Austin) (add to 6)

Tom French (Austin) & Mollie Cravey (Houston) (add to 4)

Alfred Suarez (Flatonia) & Becky Foster (Cedar Park) (add to 4)

Gilbert Baird (Houston) & Robert Hurst Sr (Austin) (add to 4)

Lynda French & Connie Culver (Austin team) (add to 4)

Cliff Visel (Austin/Pflugerville) & Sammy Stringer (Houston) (add to 4)

Lisa Smith & Deanna (Cedar Park team) (add to 8)

Gene Criminger, Taz Country owner & Jon Laird (Austin/Pflugerville team) (add to 5)

Debbie Bowers (Austin/Pflugerville) & Rick McFarland (Canyon Lake) (add to 4)

Doug Paben (Austin) & Ronnie McMellon (Cedar Park)  (add to 4)

Robert Hurst Jr (Austin) & Guy Smarr (Cedar Park) (add to 4)

Winners of the Bring Partner Event were:

1st Place:  Doug Paben (Austin) & Ronnie McMellon (Cedar Park) (add to 4, undefeated)

2nd Place: Robert Hurst Jr. (Austin) & Guy Smarr (Cedar Park) (add to 4)

3rd Place:  Lynda French & Connie Culver (Austin Team) (add to 4)

Competition was strong in this Bring Partner event.  Doug Paben & Ronnie McMellon (sponsored by Mollie Cravey of Houston) went undefeated after some close matches and putting some tough teams in the loser bracket. 

NOTABLE:  Ronnie McMellon said this was his  first 1st Place in one of these scheduled tournaments!  Congrats Ronnie!  Ronnie McMellon is also the owner of The Post (Cedar Park club which hosts two weekly & periodic special scheduled shuffleboard tournaments throughout the year).  This was also Guy Smarr's (3-rated player from Cedar Park) first win in one of these scheduled tournaments - Congrats on your 2nd Place win Guy!  Lynda French & Connie Culver competing for the winner of the winner bracket before a loss (then the 14-15 game in the loser bracket was a big disappointment to them; losing the opportunity to come back to challenge for a hopeful first place double dip or worst case 2nd place - the luck of the puck!)

Everyone had a great time playing this 1st Annual St. Patrick's Weekend amateur tournament. Thanks to Gene Criminger and his Taz Country staff for the great food and hospitality and for Friday's added pot.  On Saturday evening, they brought in pizza for everyone (which hit the spot for all those overworked and hungry players!). 


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