Island Club: Valentine's Sweetheart Tournament

Held at:  Island Club, Dallas, Texas ---  February 12-13, 2005 
Results Submitted By: Robert Hoffman


Submitted for Bowers' Corner Tournament Results by  Robert Hoffman, Dallas, Texas


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Island Club Valentine's Sweetheart Tournament- Dallas
Dallas, Texas (February 12-13, 2005)

Mike Blohm's Island Club in Dallas had 38 players for its Sweetheart Tournament on Saturday, February 12th and 13th.

Everyone had a great time, particularly the men who concluded that the $30 entry fee was a lot cheaper than treating  her to a Valentine's 
dinner.  (Well, maybe that was just me.)

Vonnie Bailey of Dallas and Lee Boyajian of Fort Worth went undefeated in the winner's bracket.  But Lee, who already had the award for the 
hardest last name to pronounce, now has another for the worst handicapping job in the finals.  Lee went for the gusto and turned down a 55/45 split.

Houston's  Cynthia Calderon and Dallas' Bruce Childers came back from the loser's bracket and double dipped Vonnie and Lee to win first place.  They also 
won the tournament two years ago.

But, since no one bid on Lee and Vonnie in the sale, they bought themselves for the minimum price and received a 17 to 1 return in the 
sponsor's sale alone; so few tears were shed for them.

Tammy Morgan and Chris Smith won third.  Chris also won the award for the easiest player to hear all the way across the establishment,  narrowly edging 
out Vonnie.

By Robert L. Hoffman, Dallas

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