Triple Crown Sports Bar - Jack & Jill Tournament

Held at:  Triple Crown Sports Bar ---  February 11-12, 2005 
Results Submitted By: James Cummings, Houston, Texas


Triple Crown's Jack & Jill Tournament
Great Success - 34 Teams (68 Players)!
Houston, Texas (February 11-12, 2005) by James Cummings, Houston, TX


First of all I wish to thank Bill &  Bev Linquest (Triple Crown Sports Bar owners and tournament host/hostess) and to thank all of you for making our Valentines Jack and Jill tournament such a success.  We had 34 teams (68 players) setting a record as our largest tournament.  In fact we went into a little holding pattern because we didnít have a bracket board big enough to hold all you great players.  (We have one on order just in case you all come back).

1st Place  Ann Walker Richard Pisarski  

2nd Place  Adele Keith Jack Scott

3rd Place  Annette Menchaca and Roy Peltier

4th Place  Debbie and Dave Sexton

5th Place Beverly and Bill Lindquist

6th Place Tracy Foreline and Larry Ables

Reported by: James Cummings, Houston, Texas


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