Blue Goose Tavern Hosts 28th Annual Sweethearts Brayman's Computer Peas Scores High Again...

Held at:  Blue Goose Tavern, Port Orchard, Washington ---  February 11-13, 2005 
Results Submitted for this Website Posting By: Bill Walker, Washington

























            The weekend's 28th annual Sweethearts Mixed Doubles Tournament held jointly at the Blue Goose Tavern & Red Dog Saloon in Port Orchard, Wa. drew raves and kudos for Eddie Brayman's Computer Peas Program which is still in Beta test phase but nearing market stage.  All participants were extremely impressed with how it made everything run so smoothly. 

            Friday night opened the weekend events with a single elimination draw partner event which drew 16 teams.  After several hours of fierce competition, the teams of Kenny Simmons, Longview, WA & Marci Putnam, Port Orchard, and Mike Keevil & Judy George, both of Tacoma, WA elected to split the pots of 1st & 2nd place money in order to get a good nights rest before the main event the next day.

Tying for 3rd place were the teams of Gary George, Tacoma & Jenifer King, Kelso, and "Firehouse" Freddie Johns, Longview, WA & Jeff Mercer, Bremerton, WA. 

            Saturday found 22 teams lined up to register for what is recognized, and as yet unchallenged, as the largest and longest continuously running event of its kind in the country, the 28th annual Sweethearts Mixed Doubles.  This years tourney was hotly contested on 4 fast playing boards over 2 days. The format was 2 out of 3 to 15 in the winners bracket with a single game to 17 in the losers bracket. 

            The dark horse entry of Rob Heidal, Tacoma & Vera Brown, Port Orchard came out of the gate fast and never let up, playing flawlessly into the finals of the winners bracket before finally being stabled.  They didn't stay in the stable long, however, coming out to vanquish former tournament champions Mel & Jeanette Hohn of Shelton it the battle for 2nd and 3rd places and the right to challenge Gary George & Paulette McKinney for the title.  Playing solid weight for weight shuffleboard, spiced up with a nice hammer 3 lag from each end along the way, they hung the first match loss on Gary & Paulette, forcing a second match double-dip attempt.  It is the opinion of this humble observer that the wear and tear of shooting 7 straight games without a break rather than any flaws in their shooting was the deciding factor that led to their demise as Gary and Paulette then swept 2 straight games to secure the title and the lion's share of the near record $3600 prize pot.  In appraisal of his opponents, Gary later stated " We kept waiting for them to let up, and they just never did.  There were no losers in this match".

            Other teams finishing in the money were 3rd Mel & Jeanette Hohn, 4th Mike & Kathy Keevil, Tie 5th Fred Johns & Billie Pack, and Tie 5th Defending champions Jim Tribble & Junelle Schrum. 

            A special thank you goes out from Mother Goose to our neighbors from the north, Joannie, Marty, Elaine, Dan, and Susan, who ventured south from Vancouver, B.C. to renew old friendships and provide spirited competition.  Pacific Northwest Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Committee representative, Paulette McKinney raffled off a Valentine's Day basket of goodies which was won by Bill Walker. Bill's still not sure what he'll do with the bright red nightie with white hearts, but he is not taking it to the Presidents Day Tourney in Ripon, CA.  Proceeds of this raffle are used to support the Hall of Fame's efforts to recognize those from the Northwest who contribute above and beyond the call in promoting the game of table shuffleboard as players, promoters, and as administrators.  Paulette wishes to thank all who purchased raffle tickets for your support.  Last but not least, Tournament Director Bill Walker sends Eddie Brayman his deepest thanks and eternal gratitude for providing a tool in Computer Peas which greatly reduced the pressure & extremely enhanced the pleasure of acting as tournament director for an event such as this. Well done Eddie!  (photos follow below):

Winners Report & Photos Submitted by: Bill Walker, Washington




1st Place (Above L-R):

Gary George & Paulette McKinney


2nd Place (Above L-R):

Vera Brown & Robert Heidal




3rd Place (Above L-R): Mel & Jeanette Hohn

 4th Place (Above L-R): Mike & Kathy Keevil



5th (tie): Fred Johns & Billie Pack

5th (tie): Jim Tribble & Junelle Schrum
(defending champs from 2004)

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