Bavarian "B" House's Valentine's 2005 

"Indiana & Texas Make A-Showing ... and fare quite well in the winnings!"


Held at:  Bavarian "B" House, Titusville, Florida ---  February 18-20, 2005 
Results & Photos Submitted for posting on Bowers' Corner & TSA Websites
By: Marty Allen, Mims, Florida



Received the below winners' report & photos from Marty Allen on March 9th for posting on the TSA & Bowers' Corner websites "Tournament Results" section.  Check out the web Photo Album to view winner's photos (just click on web Photo Albums
below to view winner's pictures) .

Bavarian "B" House Valentine's 2005 Tournament (Feb. 18-20):  The "Valentine's 2005 Tournament" was hosted at the Bavarian "B" House in Titusville, Florida on February 18-20, 2005.  Distinguished out-of-state guests included Dave Boaz (Muncie, Indiana) and Bobby Wright of Dallas, Texas.  Dave is currently spending his winter months in Florida and Bobby Wright has temporary residence in Florida with his job.


February 18th (Friday): Draw Partner event: (no photos)

This Valentine's 2005 weekend tournament kicked off with our Friday night draw and was won by Dick Smedberg
(Spring Hill) and Ursula Badouin (Mims).  Dick and Ursula both made some great rail shots to beat out Barrie
McClean and Marty Allen. 


February 19th (Saturday): A-B Draw event: (Click Here To View Winner's Photo Album for all events)

The Saturday "A-B Draw" had more "A" players than normal for this event and as a results there were some hard fought games going down to the wire and with the very strong team of Dave Boaz of Muncie, Indiana and Rusty Nowakowski of Mims, Florida coming in first place and Mark Arrowood of Port St. John Florida and Harold "Moose" Whitt of Mims, Florida taking second place.  In the third and final money slot were Bobby Wright of Dallas, Texas and Ursula Badouin, our hostess from Mims, Florida.  There were some great games with these exceptionally strong teams competing.  

1st Place:   Dave Boaz (Muncie, Indiana) & Rusty Nowakowski (Mims - our host))

2nd Place:  Harold "Moose" Whitt (Mims) & Mark Arrowood (Port St. John)

3rd Place:  Bobby Wright [from Dallas, Texas & son of legacy player "Earl Kelly" (now deceased)] & Ursula
Badouin (our greatHostess from Mims)


February 20th (Sunday): Bring Partner event: (Click Here To View Winner's Photo Album for all events)

The Sunday "Bring Partner" event was maybe predictable with Bobby Wright of Dallas, Texas and Dave Boaz of Muncie, Indiana winning first place.  Both are rated "0's" and both are very experienced and skilled tournament players, but actually they got behind in two of their games, but oh so steady on the home stretch!  Coming in second place were the first time tournament partners: Barrie McClean (Titusville) and Mark Arrowood (Port St. John) and they will certainly be a team to watch out for in the future!  In third place were Larry Cooper and Rusty Nowakowski (a Mims Team).  These two are usually so busy running and working these tournaments, they often don't get to play, so it was great seeing them do so well.

1st Place:   Dave Boaz (Muncie, Indiana) & Bobby Wright (Dallas, Texas))

2nd Place:  Barrie McClean (Titusville) & Mark Arrowood (Port St. John)

3rd Place:   Rusty Nowakowski & Larry Cooper (Mims Team)

We look forward to seeing all our old friends and new friends, local and out-of-state guests, for our annual March "madness" events, being the "Cape Kennedy Blast Off" (March 17-20) and "Florida Open 2005" (March 24-27), both being held at the Moose Lodge #1962 in Mims, Florida.  Hope to see many of you there!  
To View the Flyer For Event Format & Entry For these two upcoming tournaments (Click Here)

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Reported by: Marty Allen (Mims, Florida)



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