CANADA:  L.S.A.B.C. (Long Board League) & B.C.S.A. (Short Board League)



Canadian Websites w/ Table Shuffleboard info:

CANADA:  S. Alberta Shuffleboard Assn.
CANADA: Sasketchewan Shuffleboard Assn.
CANADA: Canadian Shuffleboard Congress
CANADA: Halifax Shuffleboard Assn.

The Board Talk & "League Players' Corner" Reporters: 

Gordie Smith, Reporter: Email: 

Lorraine Burchynsky, LSABC & BCSA President: Email:

Ken Butts, LSABC Vice President

Diane Heil, LSABC Secretary/Treasurer: Email:

Lori Ritchie, BCSA Tresurer

Mylene Tekalac, BCSA Secretary

Canadian Shuffleboard Media Articles:  
B.C. best rock sliders shuffling off to New Westminster, By Bob Mackin (Vancouver News)
Brief History/Desciption of LSABC & BCSA:

L.S.A.B.C. stands for "Long Shuffleboard Association of British Columbia" (long board league).   B.C.S.A. which stands for " British Columbia Shuffleboard Association"  (short board league - 14' playing surface which is the most prevalent league in Canada). Vancouver has the only Long Board League in Canada.  Long Board is growing now across Canada and Alberta is trying to find room for Long Boards both in Calgary & Edmonton. When they find a facility, Gordie Smith will assist them with acquiring and installing long boards.  Gordie Smith is also proactive in reporting to The Board Talk publication Canadian shuffleboard event results and he keeps interested league players informed of the upcoming events on long boards in the United States.  The desire to play long board is spreading in Canada.