IT'S IN THE BOARD TALK (lyrics sung to tune of "Under The Board Walk")

-- Lyrics Written, Sung, & Performed By: Missouri Shuffleboard Players at the "2nd Annual Ladies' Amatuer Tournament,"  held at the Eagles #3911 in Houston, MO Aug. 17-18, 2001! (Print the lyrics and sing-along after you download the MP3 File to listen to the lyrics)

Oh there's a shuffleboard table just a few blocks down the street.
That's where we all get together to have some fun and compete.
I'm in The Board Talk
Look for my face
My partner and me
Just won first place.

It's in The Board Talk. What a great magazine.
It's in The Board Talk. It tells you everything.
It's in The Board Talk. It's Nationwide.
It's in The Board Talk. You should subscribe.
It's in The Board Talk! Board Talk!

It's a traveling game as we play from town to town.
Shooting pucks down the board with all the new friends that we've found.
You're in The Board Talk
Look for your face
You and your partner
Just won first place

(Repeat Stanza #2, followed by Instrumental)

We're in The Board Talk
Where we belong
For the Wilbers and Frenches
We wrote this song
(Repeat Stanza #2)